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I have a 2000 C280 with 95k. For as long as I can remember it has had a slight clunk from the front suspension when I go in reverse and hit the brakes. Also a bit of noise when I turn into a driveway.

I have been under the car many times and I don't see anything with excessive play. I did buy some lower ball joints in preperation but have not put them in.

I understand that Lemforder and Febi are pretty good brands, as close to OEM as you can get, but are still manufactured by others. I have had terrible service from URO parts and so-so from Meyle.

I would check prices versus OEM and make a decision based on how long you expect to keep the car. If <5 years than the URO parts may be fine. With OEM parts you can expect 10-15 years.

The noise was from the right, but the obvious wear was on the left?
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