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Follow Steve's advise from your other post. The feathering as a cause and should be fixed. Also, I had 195/65 VR 15 Yoko AVS dB's and they made noise on the third day. The gripped good, but were loud and only get louder. Search on and you'll see others say the same. Its also possible that the alignment was not done properly. Just because the dealer did it doesn't mean its right for your wheel/tire size. I believe camber has a bit of a balance to it, e.g. -0.1, +0.1 side to side to account for road crown 1.2, 1.2 might be part of your problem. Its also possible that suspension parts are worn. Jack up the front end and pull wheels at 12/6 (wheel bearing wear) 3/9 (tie rods/steering). When parts are bad you should feel play and be able to see the ball joints or idler hopping around.
Brian Toscano
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