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For the record: this car has 82k original miles.

I have now noticed that my stalling problem occurs ONLY when starting from completely cold, i.e. first thing in the a.m., after a few minutes, if I stop and restart the engine the idle will be 'fairly normal'. It will still fluctuate though, between 700 and 1100 rpm, but it won't stall on decelleration. Accelleration is okay, the car never stumbles, and hot starts are fine.

I haven't noticed any air leaks and the air filter seems okay.

Also, what is the OVP part# and where can I get one, if that's the problem.

I still haven't tracked down the light problem yet, (see first message) but that's no emergency, the bulbs outside all work properly.

But this stall thing has me baffled and I don't feel like shelling out $75+/hr and part costs to have M-B techs chase this devil around!

Thanks all who've replied so far!
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