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Jethro Tull
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2.8/110 6 cylinder interchange info needed.

I've got a customer's '76 280SL in the shop, a Euro spec/grey market car with an EXTREMELY sick 2.8. Cam lobes missing, smokes, compression (or lack therof) and leakdown numbers will scare you. Being Euro-spec...this has the (rather crude) older D-Jetronic FI. My customer's located a 2.8 out of a late '70's 280CE (completely different FI system) that's *supposedly* good. Will this engine interchange, assuming I strip and dress it like a "long block" with all of the ancillary stuff off the Euro motor?

Thanks a ton for any info. I don't want to learn "it ain't the same" the hard way.

Jim Steere
Everything Automotive
Crystal, MI
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