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Destrpyed Engine Fixed

I finally got the car back and this is what they wrote on the service slip:

Remove &Replace all on L/side and R/side cylinder heads and pistons, timing chain guide tensioning and guide rails.

valve and valve seats all recondition.

replace all crank bearings.

14333 broke r/s crank shaft gear bolt find extra valve keeper between crankshaft and cam bridge ...d/a whole engine...
also find one extra valve keeper between right crankshaft and cam shaft bridge, find damage to both camshafts, replace oil pump. ...etc/...etc.
Looks like I got a new hand re-assembled engine. Is that good?
Well it's running quiet and seems to be OK. Can anyone guess what happened?
I think this was a $10,000 warranty job. Isn't it easier to just put in a new engine or is this some kind of training mission for the techs?
I really can't complain as I had a loaner car for two weeks and the thing seems fine at this stage...
IS this a quality problem?
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