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Richard, either you work for the Texas Dept. of Transportation, or you're just pretty dang smart...

A gentleman from the TDOT called me today regarding a message I left yesterday when looking for someone to explain my Nox emission problem.

He was very methodical, and I think pointed me in the right direction for solving this dillemma. He did it with just two questions!

1. Why were the HC's high in the first place? The answer was a messed up catalytic converter.

2. What caused the catalytic converter to fail?

He then went on to explain that an engine running too rich is almost like pouring gas on a fire. A catalytic converter exposed to too rich a mixture can get hot enough to melt! According to his experience, he's seen a new cat destroyed by over an over rich engine in just one week...although, I doubt my case is that extreme.

I attatched a NOTE: to the bottom of my first post, mentioning that my car had recently been shutting off spontaniously...almost like it had been flooded. BINGO!

Anyway, I'll start there and see what happens.

Oh, by the way, Dave I think you might be right about one thing: The tech who tested my emissions the second time was a snot nosed kid who stalled my car SEVERAL times trying to drive it onto the test ramp. Everyone in the bay kept laughing at him...I probably should have asked for the first guy.

Thanks to all who replied,
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