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The car was dropped at the shop earlier this evening. From a cold start yesterday, the idle reach an all-time worse - AFTER the injectors were rebuilt & wiring harness replaced.

As for the fuel pump noise mentioned earlier, it hasn't happened again. Oh well... The short term plan is a fuel pressure test; I'm guessing the fuel pressure accumulator or something along those lines is amiss. Also, looking at the 90k service invoice, they didn't change the fuel filter. So that's on the list of things to be replaced.

On the plus side, got a new Cooper S as the loaner. Nifty car with navigation system - but the overheat light came on/off after a turn - I'm guessing the fluid level is low. Pretty tight car, but the acceleration isn't what I expected - zero torque. Reminds me of the Honda S2000 - keeping the rev's at 4k and above = fun car. Otherwise it's a dog.
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