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Originally Posted by benzcrew View Post
its a 98

the bulb i pulled out is a h7 which worked the past few months ive owned the car after the new bulb didnt work the guy from the auto store tested my old bulb and its still good

i just moved out to tahoe i have minimal tools no test light and its been puking snow this week so ive been messin with my board not my light lol

tomorrow ill find the h6 n pop it out n find the inline fuse i checked the fuses under my seat n under the hood none looked burnt
The H7 bulb you pulled out is the high-beam....amd apparently it's working fine.

You didn't check the fuses on the end of the dash as Richard noted.

Between checking the wrong bulb and the wrong fuses there's nowhere to go from here but up.

The city light isn't critical anyway, just leave it until the weather improves, eh?
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