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Question 96 c220 won't start

My wife and I just had a baby and while my mother-in-law was taking our 2 other kids back to the house from coming to see the baby at the hospital and was driving our c220. She said the car started to slow and then it shut down in the middle of the road. Someone pushed it over to a gas station and then it wouldn't start. Try, try and try, no starting. When I turn the key in the ignition it turns like it's going to start, but just turns and never fires to start. Then after holding the key in start on the ignition the red and green lights on the rearview mirror start flashing alternately back and forth. Then after I take the key out of the ignition I hear a slight buzz for about 10 seconds.

I've read in the owners manual about the start lock feature and wonder if that's tied in, but I've manually locked and unlocked both doors and the trunk to try to reset it. I also disconnected the battery for 1 minute and reconnected, no luck either. I've read all over the forum about faulty OVP relays...could that be it? Any other suggestions? It definitely doesn't seem like a battery problem b/c all of the interior lights and headlights work fine. I had it towed to a nearby dealership but I want to be informed before they feed me a line about needing a $1000 wiring harness. Thanks for the advise, love the forum.
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