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I do not recommend any one does this to a Benz,,A way back in the younger years, the following was done to old sludged up engines,, like 1/4 inch all over every thing,,first we would get the engine hot . Shut her down and drain the oil and pop out the plugs. Next we take 2 quarts of diesel fuel and 2 quarts of atf,put it in and turn the engine over with the stater. no compression cause the plugs are out,,, after about 10 mins we pull the oil ,, oil pan and valve covers off, and filter and blow out all the oil lines in the block, via the oil filter spigot and such . replace pan, filter, and valve covers. Add new oil spin her again without the plugs in ,drain and fill her up one more time,,then repeat and drive her for a day or 2,,change oil again. Lots of sludge came out ,cars ran fine,, just got lucky I guess.
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