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One of my father's best friends at work bought one at an auction. A 95 I believe. Anyway, once he had already boughten it he learned of the repairs that could possibly be looming ahead, and decided to sell it. He also said he felt like an "old man" driving it. My dad then let him drive and halfway wring out his 528i, and he was sold on BMW. He went and bought a 740i and from what i hear is very happy, although it has had some work needed as well. The five series was too small for him, as he's a big dude. I beleive he's something like 6' 5" or so. I do remember seeing the car though, and being duelly impressed it had antennas that popped up in reverse so you could see where the back end was better.

P.S. he bought the car at the same auction my dad bought his bimmer at (although the bimmer still had factory warranty left, it was a *dealer* only auction, but my father had a friend that had a dealer liscense).
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