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Originally Posted by desert View Post
I had the brakes front and back done with new rotors and pads on my 04 E320 Wagon at my local shop that had done good work for me before on my 85 280SL Euro. Neither the shop or I were really aware that the SBC system was such a complex system, we did know that it had to be disabled for safety reasons. After the brake job the SBC kept running too often so I had to take it to MB where they re- flushed it, put it on the Star computer and got it running normally. Now the brakes have started to squeak a little. My question is, can the pads be removed and replaced without disabling the SBC? I don't think so but want to know before I take it back to my local shop and complain.Other post here say you can disable the SBC at the unit but you have to keep the doors closed while it is disabled. What can this shop do to stop the squeak or will I have to take back to Merceds and start over at $$$. Any suggestions appreciated....Desert
If you're doing any work on the brakes you should disable the SBC. To me, the safest way to approach it is to disconnect the batteries. That way nothing can go wrong to trigger it. Many casual mechanics just unplug the SBC harness, but I'm saying for me, I'd disconnect the batteries. We all have to work at our own comfort level and that's mine for the SBC system.

What pads did your indie shop use? Did they install them with the MB paste (which is really a lubricant) properly applied? That's where I'd start. Pull the pads, clean up the backing plates, take off any glaze from the pads, and apply the MB paste to the EDGES of the backing plate where it contacts the caliper. If you're a good customer I'd think the indie should do that for free, particularly since you've already paid him to learn on your car.

Good luck.
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