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Morse Tapers

As Larry points out, a morse taper is used as a method of securing a tool into a rotating mandrel. The idea is that the fit of the taper prevents the tool rotating, but a relatively gentle shock along the axis of the taper should free off the tool. In this case you use no lubricant since this would promote the tool's rotation.

With a tie rod end or similar vehicle application, the rotational effect is less significant. If the taper on a tie rod does turn, then eventually this will wear the fitting, which you don't want, but it's not like it's mission critical! You are relying, in part, on the clamping action of the nut to increase the resistance to rotation of the taper. Thus, the lubricant effects of the anti-sieze are offset by the clamping.

I suspect that the most important effect of the anti-sieze in freeing off the joint is the corrosion inhibbition, not the lubrication.
Cheers, Neil
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