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Was there ever a solution found for this?

I have a 92 400e which has had similar problems for a number of years. In summary, if the car is used daily, it runs fine. If I let it sit for 2> days it will run fine for about 10 minutes, and then start to have a serious miss. It doesn’t matter if the 10 minutes of running fine are due to sitting at idle or running down the freeway, or someplace in between.

The cure is to either force the engine to rev higher – into the 3K range for a while (30 minutes or so), or to shut off the car and let sit for up to a couple of hours. Typically after either of these it will run fine, as long as I use it daily.

The longer the car sits, the longer, it takes to resolve this problem.

I took it to the dealer and asked them to see if they can identify the problem and hopefully resolve it. The car sat for over a week before it was taken to their shop by flatbed, and the problem duplicated for them.

They reported back that the problem may be due to any one or a combination of the following:

Wiring harnesses – they say there are 2 of them and they are both brittle.
ignition control module
throttle actuator motor

They say there were codes for both the ignition control module and throttle actuator motor.

They replaced the distributor cap and rotor. This made for no major difference. These hadn’t been replaced for probably 7+ years or so, that was okay.

They advise that they’ll have to relocate the wire harnesses to replace the ignition control module and throttle actuator motor. They say that due to the age of the harnesses (it's a 20 years old car) that this could lead to the insulation failing, requiring that the harnesses be replaced.

Any suggestions?

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