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Keith Lucy
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Magical "combo" relay??

Hello to all.

The intermittant wipers on my 1991 560SEL had their own mind. Occasionally they would work, occasionally they would not. My mechanic correctly diagnosed it as a bad combo relay, which he changed, and all is not well with the wipers.

I also used to have two other problems that have also gone away, and I am wondering if the new combo relay was the fix.

I used to have a problem with the fuel gauge in that it would never go below the 1/4 mark, yet the light would come on, and I would in fact, be low on fuel. From this board, I read that I would need to dissassemble the sending mechanism to fix the problem. Well, with the new combo relay, the needle dips below the 1/4 mark when it should.

I also used to have a "ghost" in my oil light. It would come on after the car was warmed up, but I was not low on oil. Now after changing the combo relay, the problem has gone away.

Do both of these signals, the gas needle signal, and the oil light signal, travel through the combo relay? Could that have been the magical fix?

Thanks for any info.
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