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Should not be hard to diagnose. Does the starter whip the engine over when it doesn't start? If the starter speed is up to snuff - then it has to be ignition or fuel. If the starter whips the engine over and it doen't start - turn the key on and listen for the buzz of the fuel pump in the back of the car. If it does not buzz - pump is failing or fuel pump relay is going bad or ignition switch is going. If starter does not whip motor over consistently and it whizzes or turns slowly then speed up - check battery cables or starter/ solenoid is going bad. If you logically diagnose your problem - the cure should not be too hard to figure out.
Just read you last post as problem being pump/or/relay. Pumps are about $300 and the fuel filter should be changed at the same time. If price includes relay and filter - it is very fair. Just had the same problem on the Porsche. Pump just clicked no start - just cranked. Disconnected voltage wires to pump and ran 12 volts direct to pump from spare battery to see if it would run - it did not - pump was seized. If it had run - problem would have been relay.

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