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Originally Posted by d.delano View Post

The three rockers per cylinder is still strange, as is the SOHC design on an S-Class. Some quick research explained it all. Here I was thinking the car had an evolution of the M119 but instead has what seems to be a cheaper, more value-engineered design. Food for thought. Not everything improves with time apparently.
We work on 20+ M112/M113 engined vehicles per week, and I own two vehicles with the M112 engine and I can assure you that these engines are FAR superior in construction and execution to any of their modern engines before or after. They will take abuse that the M271/M272/M273 absolutely will not take. We are seeing engine failure (specifically block/piston wear related ) on sub 100K M272 V6 engines that MB is attributing to use of paper filters. That coupled with the balance shaft issues is going to make me jump over to BMW N52/N54 engined cars when my M112 cars are too long in the tooth to reasonably expect to be primary family-moving automobiles, as nothing MB has made after 2005 has inspired any confidence in engine longevity.
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