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Originally Posted by seadog View Post

oil pressure at the gauge - at start up it pegs out at 3, and stays at 3 while driving. come to a stop and the needle drops and holds between 1 and 2 until i thottle up and it returns and stays at 3 until i get off the pedal. oil level is just below the top notch of dip stick when checked after driving and waiting 5 mins after shut down.

tranny shifts - when cold, shifts from 1-2 hard, heavy thottle it's softer. same thing occurs for shift 2-3. when hot these shifts feel much better. i'm not sure if it shifts from 3-4, the engine sounds like rpms are max'd out at and after 45mph. 4th gear should quiet things down... seems odd and abnormal to be so very loud!

temp gauge - after 40 mins of driving gauge needle has never exceeded 40c. i was looking for it reach and hold at about 80c. normal operating temp - no???
oil pressure - what you describe is perfectly normal and what you want to see.

tranny shifts - if its not shifting into 4th, reach down behind the accelerator and unplug the kickdown switch, and see if that improves it. "loud" is subjective though. if this is your first diesel maybe you're just not used to how loud it is at higher rpm out on the road?

temp gauge - your thermostat could be stuck open.
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