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Originally Posted by seadog View Post
i got the road safety inspection done on monday... i'm legally free to ride!!! thanks for all help.

a few operational questions for the forum:

steering suspension - at 50mph+ i still have a mild sway even after replacing, tie rod ends and idle arm bushings.
- rear end sounds like something is loose. not the muffler, lugs are tight, shocks are secure and spare tire is fastened down.

oil pressure at the gauge - at start up it pegs out at 3, and stays at 3 while driving. come to a stop and the needle drops and holds between 1 and 2 until i thottle up and it returns and stays at 3 until i get off the pedal. oil level is just below the top notch of dip stick when checked after driving and waiting 5 mins after shut down.

tranny shifts - when cold, shifts from 1-2 hard, heavy thottle it's softer. same thing occurs for shift 2-3. when hot these shifts feel much better. i'm not sure if it shifts from 3-4, the engine sounds like rpms are max'd out at and after 45mph. 4th gear should quiet things down... seems odd and abnormal to be so very loud!

temp gauge - after 40 mins of driving gauge needle has never exceeded 40c. i was looking for it reach and hold at about 80c. normal operating temp - no???

acceleration - seems dangerously slow! they say the non turbo is known to be oddly slow on acceleration. what is a ball park estimate on how many seconds from 0-60? 18 - 20?.

fuel gauge - hasn't moved after 30 miles of driving. i filled the tank before i layed the car up for what turned out to be a year. is it stuck or am i getting good fuel mileage?

i plan on changing oil and tranny fluid, filter/gasket over next couple of days.

there are others things i'll try take a look at down the line. Thanks all.
speaking from experience with my '78 123.150

steering suspension - Check your tires, rear end noise- check your rear sway bar ends. also, maybe your upper shock mounts behind the rear seat.

fuel gauge - this car should be getting about 25mpgs so not moving after 30 miles of driving would be pretty normal.

acceleration - thats probably gonna depend on weather or not you are having a transmission problem. Mine is a non turbo 617 and its the fastest (out of 3) 300d ive ever driven. 18s-20s is probably not too far off.

tranny shifts - believe it or not, its actually normal for the car to start off in second gear. so, you'll have 2 shifts then your in 4th gear. Check make sure that there is no slack in your throttle linkages.
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