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As luck would have it, I have just located a 1982 280SL, which I am going to look at Tuesday night. Report is 170,000 miles, automatic, rearend replaced 10,000 miles ago because of hum and it still repaorted hums. Owner claims this is common for the model car. I can't wait to hear it and see the receipts for the job. A/C works but has intermitant open circuit. Rag top good and hard top like new, tires good, engine good, very minor transmission fluid leakage. Calaims No rust, original black paint in good shape (not perfect, camel interior in good shape with small rip in drivers seat. Steering is reported as tight. Asking price, $5,000. Can't wait to drive and confirm!

Where are rust prone areas besides battery area and floor pan? Are auto transmissions OK? What about timing chain on this engine? Other areas? Thanx in advance for any input.

87 300TDT
150,000 miles

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