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Thank you for the quick reply!

I read or rather saw a video that showed a test after a re-wire of what I think is the throttle actuator. The author implied that the mechanical parts of the unit are very stable, but that the wires are frequently the cause of the problems associated with it.

Another series of videos shows that replacing the throttle body is a challenge due to it being a tight fit.

In talking with the SA yesterday, her recommendation was to replace the upper wiring harness as the next step on a potentially long list of parts to replace, and then to re-test for any codes. Having read many posts of failed or failing wire harnesses, this is probably a good idea.

But! I was not able to find any guides for doing the wiring harness replacement. Is it the kind of thing that’s an easy DIY or is there a lot of tear down that’s needed to access the places where the harness goes?
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