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My trusty German mechanic is scratching his head cussing in German, and has decided to pull the engine to see why it wishes to keep loosing its flywheel. What to look for is the question, in any tell-tale signs of someting that may have been done or has happened internally.
Thought on this so far are:
1) crank not as straight as it ought to be.

2) Prior replacement of 2 pistons causing some kind of wacky behaviour/ocillation convincing the big bolt to remove its self.
* I thought it was #1 & #5 he thinks it
was #1 & #2 that was replaced.

3) some other unknown variable

4) black magic

I can deal with the first 3 I guess, that last one worries me a little.

Is everybody as stumped as I and my mechanic are?? Should we just rebuild the whole darn thing while its out?


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