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I have rolled the engine over a couple times using the crank bolt. The plugs were not removed from the engine and it was a little tough. I didn't feel enough resistance to believe a valve and piston had made contact.

The MB CD on this auto says each cam gear tooth is worth 18 degrees of rotation. I deduce from that, that it has not jumped a tooth on either cam or it has jumped a tooth on both.

I couldn't find where it listed the crank gear but they have 18 teeth according to the photo offered by PeachParts. I'm sure it is not advisable to bank on that. Although, if it happens to be accurate one tooth on the cam gear should be worth 20 degrees rotation.

If this engine is screwed up now its because I rolled it over without the chain tensioner in place. It purred like a kitten when the new fuel distributor was installed.

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