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1989 300 SEL Fuel Pump and relay question. Please help me!

My 1989 300 SEL started having intermitent starting problems. Being the parts replacing person that I am instead of trying to be a mechanic I purchased a fuel pump relay. The funny thing is that the relay I took out reads: Klima 6 Zyl . The relay they gave me does not say this. It actualy says it is a A/C compressor on it. All the pins and numbers are the same so I will assume that it is the right part. I put it in and nothing. Next step, take off fuel pump. Big fun draining the tank. ( it was full of course ) 18 gallons later, I took of pump and filter. Ordered pump and filter form Car Quest and they showed up but pump was wrong. Filter was a little smaller in diameter but fittings are same and it appears that it will work. They gave me back my old pump and I decided to coonect it straight to the battery. Seems to work just fine. ( should have done that from the start ) The filter though by trying to blow thru it seemed completely clogged compared to the new one so I think I found my problem.

Did I burn out my new relay by trying to hook it up with a clogged filter? I have read that I can jump the pins on the relay to make it work as well. My relay reads as follows: GK- GK+ 87 15 31

Can anyone tell me the proper way to jump this relay? or should I even be doing that?

I appologize in advance for being a dumb ass for my bass ackward attempt at fixing this. I should know better.


I picked up this beauty last year. Completely clean 1989 300 SEL
Black on Black , excellent condition in and out. 180,000. $5000.00
Did I do pretty well?

One last note. I used this forum to daignose and repair my mono valve problem. Worked like a charm. Thank you so much for this forum!
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