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Hello again, sorry I didn't reply to jgl1's queries right away, seems comcast was having a little fit late last night.


1. vehicle has 184k on odometer.

2. I don't know the exact reson for replacing the first piston,...all I know about it, is that the compression was low.
The second piston (#1 I think) was replaced after everything was put back together, and a loud knocking was still present. The problem with this piston (as it was explained to me) was that it was loose within the cylinder...he said he could not tell that it was "loose" when he replaced the first piston. He said that some of the aluminum had to be honed off of the cyl. wall, but since aluminum is softer, the cyl. wall was unharmed by this procedure.
3. no balancing of any sort was done to my knowledge.
4. Idle characteristics...when at a light, it was a delight to look at my other half and see her body parts bouncing gently to the rythm of the engine. I would suppose that if you took a yard stick and held it next to the car at idle, the car would move at least 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch. I figured that new mounts were in order. At anything above idle, the motor runs/ran very smooth.
5. This is the third time.
The first time the bolt was found broken in the fan shroud. about 1/2 an inch remained within the crank, it was extracted and replaced, along with the dampener and pulley (used parts). (they got eaten up a bit by the belts) The second time I got lucky...within moments of starting the car, the alt light came on/powersteering was dead...bolt was laying on ground. ( I was pounding the ground in dismay)
The third time I was on an exit ramp when the lights again came on, the steering went. this time the bolt is somewhere down in N. Ft. Myers on US 41. Reason I think this is so, is because I heard a series of clunks, that I first believed to be road debris that I had not seen. If the bolt indeed came out in N. Ft. Myers, then the whole kit-n-kaboodle hung on for another 70 miles before it gave up the ghost.
7. I did not see the threads too well (not exactly out in the open, they are) but from what I did see after the first time, the threads looked good. The bolts, even the broken one, looked to be unadulterated.

some story, huh?

-Larry (driving just say its not a Benz, ok!?)

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