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Euro Lights - Weird Problem

I have Euro headlights in the 300TE. I love them.

I believe that in doing the installation, I rewired the plugs properly (everything works the way it's supposed to - I didn't hook up the vacuum level adjuster and haven't hooked up the city lights just yet). I use the standard wattage Hella +30 bulbs. However, in the last 3 months, I've gone through 2 lightbulbs on the driver's side. Each of the bulbs has lasted about 3 weeks. I drive the car probably 40% of the time I'm in a car at all. I've checked back through as much of the headlight wiring as I can for shorts, frayed wires (I learned to do this from my BMW E34 - don't get me started), etc., but found nothing.

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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