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I'm sure if there is a "cold start circuit" on this engine in '95; I'll check into that.

Assuming there is, let's figure this into the mix --- if I turn the ignition to key to "on" and wait 10 to 20 seconds before starting the engine, then rough starts don't occur (I think). Why "I think"? Because, sometimes the car kicks over just fine, other times it is this rough, rough start. The rough starts seem very random.

If was a circuit failing, I'd expect the results to be consistent and repeatable. This problem is more random (or at least seems that way since we don't know what the fault is). I'm not saying that the "cold start circuit" can't be the cause, it could be. What I am saying is, I would think the symptoms would be more consistent if the "cold start circuit" or some derivitive thereof because either the circuit is open or closed.

Yes, no???

As an aside to this; I went through records since I've had the car (purchase it with 68k miles) and the fuel filters have not been replaced. I told the shop to replace those. It's a cheap replacement, so we might as take those out of the equation a possible factor. FYI - the car has 96k miles on it.
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