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Weird Vacuum System problem? 92 300e


I have sort of an odd issue with my 92 300e involving the vacuum system...Whenever I lock/unlock the doors, the vacuum motor stays running for approx 45 sec- 1 minute then shuts off. My doors do unlock and lock fine (within 2 seconds after i turn the key in either direction), but.. shouldn't the motor (in general) be shutting off alot quicker than that? If its of any relation, i did also mention a few times, that my doors have on occasion *locked* themselves, Right after turning the ignition off (at the end of a long drive, for example).. I've only noticed this happen 3 or 4 times, and each time, it has only happened immediately after turning the ignition keyswitch to "Off"...
Could i have a vacuum leak? should i inspect the motor for de-tached hoses, etc??

Thanks for any info!


92 300e 2.6
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