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Which links are you speaking of? I thought there weren't any links up front for the stabilizer bar, just mounting brackets for the bushings.

This problem first surfaced after an alignment with replacement of tie rod ends at the dealer last year. I had it back, they could find nothing, replaced the center link. The problem was still there, but I gave up. Months later it mostly disappeared. Now, since having the car aligned again ( I replaced the struts), the sound has returned. The dealer says all the components are OK, I haven't had it back again about the noise yet.

The sound reminds me of what I have heard on other cars to be problems with the sway bar bushings, but I'm no expert. I noticed on the service CD rom, that a technical modification was made to the sway bar bushings (polyester/teflon stocking) to decrease noise. The manual suggests using a naphtholene rubber lubricant on the old style bushings only. I thought maybe I could do that to see if it would help before dragging it back for new ball joints.

I appreciate your input and experience. I guess I'll take it back to the dealer unless anyone else has some suggestions.
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