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My very tidy 1985 110,000 mile automatic 190E seems to suffer from poor drive take up when at traffic lights or a roundabout when the gearbox is cold and when the road is wet. Once the gearbox warms up, the problem goes away, but the wetter the roads, the longer it takes to clear.

A few times I have put my foot down to pull away, but the car starts juddering for 2 - 3 seconds before drive engages. The car will move forward (10 feet or so) in a series of "leaps and bounds" before it drives OK. This is particularily alarming when I try to pull out of a T junction across the path of other cars.

It's as if the take up bands on 2nd gear are worn but the problem only happens on rare occessions in the summer.

Any help would be gratefully received....


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