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Hi. I find the caps lock irritating as well, not to be pushy like that darn Joe guy .
As a dealer tech I have been using WIS for a long time, since 97 or 98 I guess.
I'm not a real computer wiz though. I know many MB specialist independent techs like Benzmac have it, they are your best resource if you really want to have it, but I understand it's quite expensive.
You really start getting the best use (not the only use though) once you start getting into 202 and 210 chassis and newer. It's a pretty good resource for 124, 126, 129, and 140 also. Not so good on anything much older than this, like 107's and 123 chassis and older. with those you are better of with the Service CD's or books.
The WIS system has good wiring diagrams in them, MB still publishes wiring diagrams for the newer models though, it's a little more user friendly IMHO than on WIS.
I may be mistaken, but I htink you also get StarFinder with a WIS subscription, which is a real nice component locator system for the newer models only.
I believe you need Windows NT to run it, or possibly Windows 95, benzmac would know for sure. i also believe you don't just "buy" WIS but subscribe to it, you get monthly (?) updates.
The dealers all going to this WIS system via the net (NetStar), I believe that outside of the dealer network you need to use the PC based WIS, unkown if folks out of the dealer network will be able to go on to NetStar. (Not saying they won't, I just don't know). Our dealer is still on the PC-based WIS, going onto NetStar in the shop sometime soon.
What you may want to do is call the MB 800# again, but this time just tell them you want to talk to someone about technical literature, i think you'll get someone then who knows more about it.

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