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Is loud cabin from road noise?

I have a 95 E320 w/110K miles that is in great running condition. In the last couple months I have been getting cabin noise that is getting louder and louder untilit's almost unbearable. At first it just sounded like road noise from the tires. I am running Michelen Energy MXV4 that have about 10K miles on them. I recently had them rotated (for the 2nd time) and all re-balanced. The noise was not affected by this at all. The noise is definately related to the rolling speed of the wheels. It is noticable even at speeds of 20mph, and gradually increases in intensity, maximizing at around 40-45 mph. It decreases at faster speeds, but is still noticable. When the noise is at it most, is is almost impossible to have a normal conversation. It is not engine noise, as I can shift into neutral during noisy times and rev and idle the engine with no effect. There is a very slight drift in the alignment (it is getting re-aligned tomorrow), and when I pull back against the drift or generally turn the wheel slightly to the left, the noise increases. The noise sounds like road noise, but the volume is incredible. It's like having a blender going on low all the time when driving at 40-45mph. I have had the car for 3 1/2 years and no problems. Has anyone heard of road noise in MBs like this? Could it be something related to the rolling speed that is not road noise? Thanks.
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