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Originally Posted by seadog View Post
thanks again for all input...

gas hand moved near a 3/4 tank yesterday. this morning it was reading full again.
read a post stating this is directly related to failing sending unit. member highly recommended changing vice cleaning. based on experience - does anyone say cleaning is an reasonable first option?

oil pressure gauge appears normal. no more worries!

rear end suspension appears to be original... i'll start with bilstein replacement shocks and check sway bar while i'm there.

no one mentioned trailing arm bushing... any chance these could be part of the problem?

one more thing... when taking the on or off ramps (the heavy curve type) the sway at 30mph requires to much bracing, holding on and slowing in a car that all ready has a slow pick up (i don't want to break my speed down no further than absolutely necessary... my mechanic says the ride height looks good, so i should be getting 4 shocks instead of 2. does anything else help this excessive sway? i want stability, need stability. thanks guys.
Check sway bar bushings? Particularly if there's rust on the firewall near the battery.
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