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I also am a indy tech , I have never worked for a dealer but I might one day who knows. Gillybenztech is one of the dealer techs on this site and he is a good tech but unfortunatly where I am at our dealer has about 2 good ones and a bunch of hackers and guessers. We cant throw parts out of stock on a car and hope it fixes it , we have to get in and diagnose it before any parts are ordered. Sometimes I think they have an advantage due to parts and of course information on some things. I am still young and most of what I do is late model stuff, all I can say is it wont get any easier to diagnose these cars. As for a dealer or indy choice thats customers decision to make . I know most of my customers personally and I talk directly to them when they bring their car in .That helps both of us out, me to get the actual complaint (not what the service writer thinks is wrong) and so the customer can put a face with the repair. Most techs have a less than 2% comeback ratio , bad techs are 50% . Remember you get both at indy or dealer.So get to know your tech real well.
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