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Unravelling the small filter mystery

Well, I've kept this thread in the back of my mind, and this week the opportunity presented itself to do a little sleuthing. Noticed that we had an older style "long" 103 oil filter in the drain bin, and of course several of the new short filters.
I sawed around the outer steel covering with a hacksaw to get to the inner filter medium.
On the older filter, the filter medium is simply a pleated filter and looks very much like a canister filter for the 112/113 motors.
On the short filter, not only is it pleated like the long filter, but it's also zig-zagged to make it shorter. i didn't unravel anything yet,but it looks like the filtering area would be identical, plus to me, it looks like the short version may do a better job as the filter media looks like it would do a better job than the longer version. It has a more uniform appearance than the long version, as the the long version tends to have pleats which are not uniform.
I hope to post an image of them side-by-side. i have a digital image that the general manager took with his digital camera and emailed to me, now I need to find out how i can post them on this thread. i've asked the webmaster for an assist.

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