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WIS rocks, once you get the know how to use it however, it's also full of holes prior to 97MY. The intial setup is 2 or 3 CD's and the updates are single discs. You can run it straight off the HDD or stay with the MB metheod and run it off the data CD.

The interface is NT friendly and will supposedly run under win2K but, never seen it on that OS. Is it worth the price....... depends on the amount of later model cars you see and the volume overall, not to mention how 'puter friendly the techs are. All the info is there from 98 on but, you've got the know the MB group system well and know the MB quirks about cataloging info before you get good with it.

I do know it saved our butts a lot when I was doing the dealer thing especially with the mid production run changes in the cars. (ie, 208 window drops for easier closing, showed up 06/01 but, many people who had earlier cars thought theirs did it when new) As you could show the client in writing whe production split information and POOF! end of issue.


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