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Thanks for the quick reply. As far as the question about which door operates the trunk/fuel door, I must have been tired, I meant which door do the vaccum lines run from. But in reading your post, that question is answered.

You are correct, it is a 108 chasis.

I will re-run the tests preformed once I have installed the new actuators. As I think about it, it is very possible that the bad right rear actuators could have affected the vaccum reading at the right front since the "T" to the rear door would be before the front door actuator. Slowly this vaccum system is making sense.

I will follow the remainder of the described procedures as well. I feel good that I was at least close on the workings of the system, given all I had to work with was the car, my tools and a vaccum gauge. No manual and no one else around my neighborhood has a 108 to look at.

I am doing my own diagnosis and labor, so for me the only outlay is parts. The prior owner stated that the left side locks had been repaired several months before I bought it. No receipt on that so I am not sure. The master valve in the driver's door does apper to be in near new condition so it is possible. Also, so far, all the rubber connectors appear to be in very good shape, still pliable, no cracks or tears, haven't found a brittle connector yet.

Hopefully the new actuators will be in before my next days off (Thurs/Fri) and I can post the results when the work is completed.

Again, thanks for the assistance.

Mike Tangas
73 280 SEL
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