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Central locking system now working.

I spent the day replacing that bad actuators and tracking down leaks. A fair amount of the connectors had become brittle with age, so I replaced all I could reach.

I could not decide how to remove the glovebox liner without causing damage, so I opted to pull the kick panels instead. I was able to access the junctions in behind the panel. Although it was tight, I was able to do it.

I still have a small leak to track down though. When I last did the all night test of the resevoir and check valve, everything was great. After finishing today, vacuum was bleeding off ever so slowly, and it looks like the check valve is going south. I can pull the valve, shake it replace it and it will hold again. I'm replacing it tomorrow, and we'll see how things are looking then.

Thanks for the assistance and pointers.

BTW, the trunk is locking just fine, I still have to hook up the fuel door latch, hopefully it'll be fine too.

Again thanks.

Mike Tangas
73 280 SEL
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