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They are still working on the car but feel they have located the problem - the crank sensor. The tech tapped the connection point and the engine died. After playing around with alittle, they said the vibration went away, etc., etc. They didn't find any problems in the fuel pressure check.

So, that crank sensor wire/connection, whatever you want to call it is being replaced. They also recommended a new spark wire set; it has the original w/ 96k miles on the clock, so I might as well replace it. And of course, fuel filter replaced too.

I was worried that it might the timing chain - stretch or that the guide rails were chipping apart. It seemed alittle earlier for that, but I'll drop the car into 3rd and 2nd with out any hesitation while passing cars on the freeway. A quick 50 to 100 mph accerlation is always good

I should get the car back in a couple hours, so I'll post update this weekend after I've put the car through its paces.
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