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Some work and further explanation of problems. I traced the brown ground wire on the right side to a screw in back of the plastic trunk lining. The wire isn't very well attached and will need to be cleaned and reattached to known good ground. Could a bad ground cause very very odd behavior? For example, headlights on, right directional set to flash, wrong bulb on right flashes, not the amber, but one of the reds, the little side marker bulb also flashes as do, very dimly, the back-up lights. Noticed too, with the light bulb holders removed, the lights on the right are quite a bit dimmer than those on the left and they are all new bulbs. That I know is probably due to bad ground. Does the car have seperate flashers for the 4 way and directionals? How does the plastic panel on the right side come off without breaking it. Thank you for forcing me to do a ground search. If I'm exceptionally lucky this might fix the old thing.
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