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Angry '96 C36 'every now & then' rough idle/no power/no downshift/no check engine light?

Hello everybody, I just found this forum from a benzsport posting. Looks excellent so far!! I will visit as much as possible! My newely aquired 40,000 mile C36 goes to running like a dead cylinder/misfire while I'm driving. I notice it start to do it while I am at a light waiting to go, or entering a turn and accelerating again after the turn is done. It will start running rough at the light & continue upon acceleration or after starting to accelerate from coming out of a turn it won't down shift to 1st or 2nd & will shake pretty bad!! If i kill the car & immediatly turn it back on the problem is GONE!!!! It rarely returns the same day, but give it a day or two & it's back. I'm assuming that it has to be electrical B/C of this? The dealer I bought it from was honest w/ me when I told them about it. They had the car serviced before I picked it up. They had a new coil put on(which cylinder i don't know) b/c of the same issue, and a new O2 sensor to get the car to pass a green sheet. The car was exported to and used in Mexico City. That is where it drank fuel for 6 years. To my knowledge the plugs and fuel filter have never been changed. I heard there is a recall on engine wiring harness and OVP(overvoltage protection relay). Would that have anything to do w/ it?? What about Throttle position sensor/ Throttle body issues (since the symptom accompanies a 'no downshift situation') I am starting to notice rotten smells coming from my exhaust every now and then also! This might mean that unburned fuel is killing my cat-converters??? I've never had a check engine light come on either?? Maybe my light is burned out?? detailed replies are definently welcome!! Thanks, Kyle Houston, TX
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