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Angry ABS - am losing it!!!! H E L P!!

I finally got the sensor out. Phew! It had some grunge on it, I installed the new one ..... started the car up and the second I put it in drive - the ABS light comes on!!!

Right before, the light would come on in a little bit and if I braked during that period, with the light not on, the pedal would pulse.

That has stopped - not sure if that is a good thing, or, bad thing.

Then, I removed both fuses from the OVP, whicle the car was running, both were fine, so I plugged them back in. Shut the car and boom - light came on!

Did the same with the car off - no change.

What in the world am I doing wrong?? The OVP is new, I changed it about a month or so ago - I first thought that would kill the ABS light - it didn't. Not sure if the OVP blew again .... dunno how and why that would happen.

Please PLEASE help?? I spent three hours with this, this evening!!
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