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1998 S320 long wheelbase Wichita, KS $6500

Finally getting an official ad up for this 1998 S320. Its been a journey.

122,000 miles
Black Metallic Exterior with Beige Leather interior
Other than standard features, options include:
Heated Ortho seats
Traction control
6 Disc changer Bose Premium Stereo

Purchased it from a dealer in Florida and was traded in at a Hyundai dealership. 2 owners, and was told it has a clean carfax. Showed up at my door and it looked like a very clean Florida car, sans a few dents and scratches that I addressed, but had some issues I needed to take care of.

First thing I had to do was replace the transmission. For this I went with a good used unit out of a T-boned C280 sport that was a local enthusiast's car that he maintained religiously. Had similar mileage to the S320. Next was the head gasket, which had a small external oil leak on the front corner. Any seal that got in the way was replaced as well as it came in a kit. The motor was spotless; no sludge built up anywhere or any signs of wear. The suspension was treated to new control arm bushings and a fresh alignment. 2 new Michelin tires on the front as well, matching the rears with 75% remaining. Mirror wiring in both mirrors was replaced to address an electrical issue. The vacuum pump for all the interior accessories was repaired with a new motor. Finally, the power antenna was replaced.

With all that work and expense I finally had a 100% mechanically 140 S-class. Try doing all this work at the dealer and the bill would likely exceed my asking price. Call the dealer and get a quote for new mirrors and a vacuum pump (common 140 problem areas) if you don't believe me. This is obviously not a money maker for me, but a great opportunity for someone. The car runs and drives beautifully, steering is excellent and tracking is perfect on the highway. All electrical accessories work. Air conditioning is ice cold and has not needed a top off in the 3 months I've had it.

Cosmetics are very nice, with glossy paint and very little wear on the interior, but there are some issues to note. On the back quarter is some very, very light oxidation near the trunk that took me a while notice. It did not bother me enough to address as I had both bumpers repainted due to granny rash and hate to see sheet metal parts repainted if I don't have to. The interior sunroof shade had some of its liner falling off. I leave it pulled back to where its not noticeable. There is also a few minor dings and scratches and there as you would expect. As you can see in the photos, the car does show very very well. Its been raining non-stop for 3 days, so I only have these few photos to start with. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to snap some more.

I'm sure there's cheaper S320s out there, but none that are affordable and can touch the amount of TLC this car has received. The M104 has no problem pulling this car along, and the 5 speed makes highway revs reasonable and returns great gas mileage for a car of this size.

I am a licensed bonded dealer, and can provide 30 day tags with proof of insurance. Also willing to help securing a shipper or can pick up a buyer at the local airport. Feel free to PM with any questions. Thanks.

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