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I have a '84 500sel and I recently bought a '85 330D. Whenever I lock the doors on the 500sel, you can hear an audible click as you watch all of the knobs on the doors go down. On the 300D I don't hear anything when I lock the doors and when you watch the knobs go down, there is a definitely increase in the time it takes for them to go fully down. (as opposed to how fast the knobs go down on the 500sel).

I have been told that the central locking system on the 300D is a "silent system". Is it possible that just all of the vacuum components and lines on my 300D are just old?
If it is supposed to make the audible click, will replacing the vacuum hoses and repairing the leaks make it lock as its supposed to? The locking system does work, it's just that I don't know if it's working up to it's capacity.

Thanks fella's! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

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