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W124 Wiper mechanism (again)

Having read all the posts regarding the above, there seems to be two versions of the large cover that actually hides the actuating mechaism. On my '88 300E (UK model) it looks as though its made of metal and from underneath, using a small inspection mirror, I can see at least 4 hex screws that I guess hold it in place. From the existing posts, the only way to get this apart seems to be to remove the whole actuating arm assembly and that is quite job, when all I want to do is to quiten the Click/Click from the motion. My question is, do all the underside screws have to be removed to get the cover off? Two of the screws seem larger than the others, and it looks possible to release these using a right angled driver. Another "lazy" option I was considering was to drill a small hole in the top cover, inject as much grease as possible and seal the hole. That's sure to make all the real engineers squirm, but I bet its been done before!
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