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Turn signals on 81 300d not working, fuse is good.

Hey, all! I've got a problem on my 81 300d that has me perplexed. The signal lights have quit working completely. I figured it was a blown fuse, since I've been having trouble with my left side window switch (although it's new(er), the darn thing keeps coming apart), thereby blowing its own fuse when the rocker switch allows the brass contacts to move into contact. So I opened up the fuse box, ready to find a bad fuse for the turn signals, but it wasn't blown. It looked a little thin, so I replaced it with a new one anyway, but still no luck. All the other things that run off that fuse (can't remember what right now) still seem to work, but the signal lights are not doing their thing on the dashboard or the actual lights themselves. Does anybody happen to know if there is a relay or inline fuse on these? Or, has anyone had this problem and know where to start the troubleshooting? Thanks for any and all ideas or comments. Lee
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