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I've checked the users manual and the stated fluid for the manual gear box was:

"Automatic transmission fluid for manual transmission. Sheet no 236.2 "

Does anyone know the specs for this fluid.?

I was expecting something like " Manual transmission gear oil SAE 90" or something like that.

This is the 1st time I am owning a MB, previoulsy I was driving a Honda Integra so please bear with me on this kinda issues.

Futhermore, from where I am staying ( South East Asia), the MB techs aren't really knowlagable about these special model MB's.
They probably dump normal lubes on the car.

Having received the car, I found many things I got to sort out. Most are trivial such as sunroof, boot lock , power window, etc. are easy to get fixed.

I currently have a tough time finding some spares specific to the 16V such as:

1) Valve cover star logo and "MERCEDES-BENZ" nameplates are missing. God knows how it managed to get peel off the cover? I guess I need gtop order a new valve cover.

2) 2.3-16V emblem on rear boot is missing. Gotta get them back too.

3) Rear jack point covers on side sills missing ( Rear left & rear right) Sure hope my local MB dealers have parts for this.

I would be greatfull if someone could provide me the part no's of these items for ordering. If you do have some good condition used parts I would be most happy to consider.


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