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Norm C32
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Mike, is quite a character and a very good driver. Especially not knowing much about the car. Which is impressive in itself.

The Kleemann CLK55 accelerates with authority and docility no Corvette will ever have. I don't miss my 1999 Hardtop since owning the C32.

When Mike and I staged in the photo below(thanks to Frank Barrett of STAR) I pulled up and prestaged, then waited...and had to be a good 10-15 seconds before Mike came to the line. Here the windows/vents were open after his tire smoking burn out and he could not see.

His 12.7 @ 110 MPH beat my best for the evening a second. Though I had him at half track, silver bullet looked like a freight train going by the last half of the track.

Nice article in STAR Robbie!

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