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early 450 slc wiper motor


I have lost the wipers on my '73 450slc due to a waterlogged motor due to a missing water shield. I have managed to locate a new bosch unit but at $475.00 (yikes!) I am obligated to explore alternatives first.

Apparently MB used a very rare motor on the early 450's which is mine. Does anyone know if the later, much more common motors will swap with a little finessing? The biggest differences are the physical size of the two bodies, the early ones are beefy (see photo) presumably for greater torque while the later ones are more in line with other MB models of the era. There also appears to be a difference in the electrical pins on the connector which I could probably modify accordingly. I am concerned about the torque problem however.

Has anyone done this swap and if so how succesfull? Problems?

Does anyone have a proper used for sale?

Thanks as always,

dave g.
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