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Every rinky dink mechanic wants to turn down rotors - more labor more money, especially if it is a woman from Harvard, no offense intended just the truth. I used to work for a franchise.

Was this a recommended mechanic? Unfortunately, as described above, mechanic is will depend on how much $$$$ you get.

I'd ask for some mulah, then I'done bad decision led to another. I think you have a strong case to get some money back, but normally these things are hard to prove and depending on how honorable the fualty go to a deaeler next time while you ask around for someone reputable closer and maybe cheaper. Dealers usually guarentee their work for a longer period of time. I would not take my Benz to one of those Franchises that you see on TV, you know their names.

Just my $.02, but what do I know?

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'84 300 SD (sold it)
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